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Coalition Snow: Skis & Snowboards for Women by Women

Coalition Snow's female leaders showing skis & snowboards
Women riders rejoice! Coalition Snow is on a mission to make cool, high-performance skis & snowboards designed to bust the patriarchy.

In snow sports, one brand stands out from the rest: Coalition Snow. This revolutionary company commits to creating high-performance skis, snowboards, and gear for women. In addition, it focuses on making a positive social impact with sustainability and inclusivity at the forefront of its work.  Let’s take a deeper dive into this unique enterprise and explore why it has become so beloved by its customers.

Unique Skis & Snowboards

Coalition Snow offers more than just ski and snowboard equipment; it provides women & BIPOC riders a voice in the snowsports community. From committing to sustainably made gear to its focus on building an inclusive community, Coalition Snow is revolutionizing the industry.  Whether buying high-performance skis or snowboards, gear, or winter apparel, customers will find products created with passion and purpose.

Female Skier showing her Coalition Snow Skis Made for Women by Women
Coalition Snow Skis front
Coalition Snow Skis Back

The brand, made by women for women, spearheads several social impact initiatives, like its SkiHer Program. The program’s goal is to empower women in snow sports by hosting events such as ski camps, such as ski camps, instructor certifications, and workshops. In addition, Coalition Snow offers a College Ambassador Program, which provides college students with opportunities to connect with local communities to promote environmental advocacy and youth engagement. Last but not least is their Eco-Friendly Shipping Program which ensures that all packaging materials are sustainable and reduce waste.

The Power of Community

Coalition Snow differentiates itself in the industry by producing high-performance skis & snowboards beautifully designed by women for women. The brand strives to create an atmosphere of camaraderie over competition, solidarity over sending, and compassion over cuntery (whatever that means). Furthermore, the company emphasizes an inclusive community that empowers riders from all backgrounds. 

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By fostering a community atmosphere, Coalition Snow brings riders from all backgrounds together through a common love for snow sports. This inclusive community provides a safe environment where everyone feels inspired to express themselves on the mountain.


Coalition Snow is a revolutionary snow sports brand changing the game for women and BIPOC riders. Delivering high-performance skis & snowboards that break the traditional design mold, the company ensures all products are made sustainably. By focusing on sustainability initiatives, community-building efforts, and innovative products, they have become an icon for women riders can look up to. If you’re looking for quality goods with an empowering atmosphere, this is the brand for you!


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