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Leafii: Eco-Friendly Bags Made from Leaves

Entrepreneur using her eco-friendly wallet made from leaves
Leafii is a brand that does things differently. Their eco-friendly accessories are made from teak leaves - yes, leaves!

Leafii is a brand born from a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly living. Made from teak leaves, Leafii is fully lives its mission to reduce environmental destruction and animal suffering. This unique brand offers sustainability focused consumers handmade accessories, including wallets, purses, and bags. Each product celebrates the beauty of nature and its intricate patterns, variations, and simple complexity. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative brand’s mission, values, and products.

Leafii's Eco-Friendly Values

Leafii’s values putting the planet over profit. By using pressed leaves all products are 100% sustainably made, offering accessories that are both renewable and eco-friendly. In addition,  the method of production eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and animal testing. While focusing on designing products that preserve the earth for future generations, Leafii created a successful business model with positive impact. The forward-thinking brand doesn’t want to just sell products – its mission is to create an eco-friendly community. 

Leafii offers a nice selection of beautiful products ranging from necklaces and earnings to wallets and bags. All products are made from pressed teak leaves.  Each item is uniquely handcrafted with great attention to detail are handcrafted with great attention to detail. Also, consumers can feel confident in their purchase knowing all materials are ethically sourced from nature without using harsh chemicals or dyes, thus keeping in line with the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental harm.

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Leafii serves as an example for entrepreneurs everywhere looking for ways to create meaningful change. The brand’s unique business model delivers a positive impact on society and the planet – not just financially but ethically.  The beautiful thing about this brand is that it shows how even small businesses can make a big difference for the world. After all, Leafii’s focus on environmental sustainability inspires the creation of beautiful accessories with simple, renewable teak leaves. Likewise, entrepreneurs and consumers alike can find inspiration from Leafii. Given that, it is a brand going against the norm to show the world what it means to live an eco-friendly life—and encouraging consumers all along the way!


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