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Vi Bella Jewelry: Ethical Employment for Artisans

Entrepreneur wearing Vi Bella Jewelry made through ethical employment
Discover the story behind Vi Bella Jewelry and its commitment to providing ethical employment for artisans in Haiti & Mexico.

Vi Bella is a jewelry brand that provides ethical employment opportunities to women in Haiti. Through their handcrafted jewelry, they are helping women in Haiti build their futures. They provide employment opportunities, fair wages, educational programs, and training sessions to help women become successful entrepreneurs. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Vi Bella unique.

Jewelry Creating Ethical Employment

Vi Bella is the brainchild of two friends, Joelle Kone and Jesslyn Perry, who wanted to make a difference by giving back through fashion. Kone was born in Haiti and saw the struggle for ethical employment in the poverty-stricken country.

On the other hand, Perry grew up in a small town in Kentucky, finding inspiration from her grandmother, who was well-known for philanthropic work. The co-founders combined their skills and created a business that gave back to Haiti’s people who needed it most.

Beautiful Necklaces Created through ethical employment by workers at Vi Bella
Model Proudly wearing jewelry made through ethical employment at Vi Bella
Children supported by Vi Bella's charity programs to care for the children of workers
Colorful Bracelets Created by ethical employment at Vi Bella Jewelry

Vi Bella provides ethical employment to hundreds of artisans from Haiti who craft each piece of jewelry with care. In addition to providing them with fair wages, Vi Bella also offers educational programs such as English classes and leadership training sessions to help them maximize their potential. Furthermore, they donate 10% of their profits directly to local charities that benefit Haitian children living in extreme poverty. This initiative maximizes the brand’s impact in Haiti, providing more support than jobs alone.

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The Future of Vi Bella Jewlery

Today, Vi Bella is thriving – and growing. From bracelets made out of recycled paper beads from Ghana to earrings handmade from traditional glass beads from Indonesia, Vi Bella creates meaningful change for underserved communities. 

Artisan enjoying ethical employment at Vi Bella
A Beautiful green and gold necklace created by ethical employment at Vi Bella

Each purchase helps support its mission of giving back and creating job opportunities for those who need it most! The company ships domestically and internationally, spreading its mission for ethical and sustainable business worldwide.


Vi Bella proves you don’t have to sacrifice style or ethics when shopping for beautiful jewelry! The company makes a real difference one piece at a time by using sustainability-sourced materials and empowering talented artisans worldwide through ethical employment wages and educational programs. If you’re looking for stylish jewelry with purposeful intent behind it, look no further than Vi Bella! 

With every purchase you make, you are playing an integral part in ensuring future generations have access to better opportunities while supporting ethical practices around the globe! If you are interested in learning more about Vi Bella’s story, check out the video below.


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